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2013 Tournament Rules   - Download/Print

  1. Each team must have numbered alternate jerseys or numbered T-shirts available. Violators will be removed from the field and not allowed back on the field of play until the players’ equipment is corrected. (Recreational teams may use bids if necessary.)
  2. Home Team is team listed first on schedule. Home Team will change jerseys if there is a color conflict.
  3. Both teams will occupy the same side of playing field.
  4. Recreational players must play 50% of each game.
  5. U7 & U8 Academy will play 7 V 7 (one of whom is the keeper)
  6. U9 Academy will play 9 v 9 (one of whom is the keeper)
  7. There will be no guest players for Academy teams.
  8. A game shall be declared a forfeit if a team is not ready to play at the published time within five (5) minutes or the conclusion of the previous game. At half time the teams must be ready to resume play within five (5) minutes of the referee's designation.
  9. Game Information:


            Division                              Mini Game                 Full game                          Ball Size             Overtime (Semi/Final Games)

U7–U8Academy    20 Minute Halves                 25 Minute Halves                 3                               2-5 Minute Periods
U9 Academy          20 Minute Halves                 25 Minute Halves                 4                               2-5 Minute Periods
U10 Academy        25 Minute Halves                 30 Minute Halves                 4                               2-10 Minute Periods
U11-12                   25 Minute Halves                 30 Minute Halves                 4                               2-10 Minute Periods
U13-14                   30 Minute Halves                 35 Minute Halves                 5                               2-10 Minute Periods
U15-16                   30 Minute Halves                 40 Minute Halves                 5                               2-10 Minute Periods
U17-19                   35 Minute Halves                 45 Minute Halves                 5                               2-10 Minute Periods

  1. Preliminary games may end in a tie.
  2. Divisions with 3 team brackets shall play a crossover for their preliminary games to equal (3) three games.
  3. Quarterfinal games will only be played with age divisions that have 18 or more teams.
  4. Quarterfinal games that end in a tie will move to FIFA "kicks" from the penalty mark to determine a winner.
  5. If semi-final or final games end in a tie, two (2) 10-minute overtime halves will be played in their entirety, and if the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, FIFA "kicks" from the penalty mark will be taken to determine the winner.

FSTS scoring system for games will be as follows:
a. 6 points for a win
b. 3 points for a tie
c. 0 points for a loss
d. 1 point per goal scored in the game with a maximum of 3
e. 1 point for a shut out (not allowing opponent to score)
f. A forfeit game will be scored at a 3-0 win in calculating points for tiebreaker determination.

  1. If two or more teams are tied in points after their games are completed, the following tiebreaker procedures will be used to determine the team advancing:

        a.        Head to Head game results - winner will advance.
   Goal differential – team with highest goal differential against opponent will advance (maximum of five (5) goal differential). (Example:   A 7-0 game = 5-0 in calculating advancement; an 11-5 game = 10-5 in calculating advancement).
        Fewest goals allowed - team with fewest goals allowed would advance.
       Most number of "shut-outs" - team with most "shut-outs" will advance
       Fewest accumulation of caution points, 1 point for yellow and 2 points for red.
         FIFA kicks from the penalty mark.

 These tiebreaker procedures will be applied, in sequence, to the teams tied in points until one team can be determined for advancement.

  1. If a “Wild Card” team is necessary the team with the highest number of overall points shall advance after division winners have been determined.
  2. U9 and U10 must have a minimum of six (6) and U10-19 must have a minimum of seven (7) players on the field to start the game and to continue the game.
  3. There will be free substitution, with the referee's consent, at the following times:
    • A player receiving a yellow card (the player carded only)
    • Prior to a throw-in for the team in possession only
    • Prior to a goal kick
    • After a goal by either team
    • After an injury, when the referee stops the play (the player injured only)
    • At half time by either team
    • In case of extreme heat, at the referees discretion
  4. Any send-offs should be reported to the Headquarters Tent immediately following the game. Any player or coach sent-off shall automatically sit out the next played tournament game.
  5. A send-off for fighting will automatically result in the player(s) not being allowed to participate in the remainder of the tournament.  A player who accumulates (3) three yellow cards in the tournament will serve a 1 game sit-out at the next tournament game. The player will serve a two game sit-out after the (5th) fifth yellow card of the tournament. After the (6th) sixth yellow card they will be required an additional (1) one game sit-out. Should a player receive a (7th) seventh yellow card they shall be suspended pending a hearing with NTSSA. Should a player receive a straight red card, that player shall be required to sit out the remaining of that game and the following game. Should a player receive a second red card in the tournament, the player will be suspended pending a hearing at NTSSA.  For the purpose of the rule any player receiving a red card due to (2) two yellow cards in the same game, they will be required to sit-out the remainder of that game, but are not required to sit out the following game unless due to card accumulation. In the event of (2) two yellow cards in a game it will count only as (2) two yellow cards not a red card unless the second card was a straight red.
  6. In the event the referee or linesmen are missing from the field, report immediately to your Field Coordinator.
  7. Preliminary games that are played into the second half but are stopped short of completion, other than acts on the part of one of the teams, shall be considered complete.
  8. Playoff games (quarters, semis, finals) played into the second half but are stopped short of completion other than acts on the part of one of the teams, and if tied, will be determined by the tiebreaker procedure.
  9. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee will determine format for tournament play and/or completion of the tournament; and the Tournament Director will make all final decisions. The committee will make every effort to complete the tournament.
  10. Both teams shall turn in scores to the tournament headquarters tent immediately following the game. All scores must be reported within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the game.  Failure to comply may result in a score being recorded as a loss for both teams.  The referee provides final verification of the score in case of a discrepancy.
  11. All referee decisions during game play are final.
  12. The Tournament Director is empowered to make all decisions regarding the competition during the tournament.
  13. Any situation or questions on rules of competition not covered herein will be governed by NTSSA and USYSA administrative rule book in that order.
  14. No appeals will be allowed except for ineligible players.
  15. The Tournament Director shall declare a game a forfeit if an ineligible player participates in a game. Any protest of an ineligible player must be reported in writing, with a two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) cashiers check, money order or cash deposit, before the end of the game to the tournament field headquarters.
  16. Any matters not provided for in tournament rules, NTSSA or, USYSA rules shall be determined by the Tournament Director whose decisions shall be final.

In case of rain - HARD RAIN, NOT A SPRINKLE - call the FSA Hotline @ 972-738-9095. Also, please refer to our web site, or