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Recreational Registration

TEAM ROSTERS will be released to HEAD COACHES on Friday, AUGUST 14th.

The 5 most important words you can say to your child...I love to watch you play!

** Don't risk your registration being incomplete!  Use a laptop or desktop to register because Got Soccer does not like tablets or phones.

Don't forget to select  the VOLUNTEER option in your player's registration if you are a returning Head Coach/Assistant Coach/Manager or you have an interest in coaching your player's team.

*The partial refund that was issued for the remainder of the Spring season was issued back to the Debit/Credit card that was on file.  Transactions were processed between  5/2/20 and 5/9/20.  If you have a question whether your refund was received, please check your statements.*

FALL 2020 Registration Information

Regular Registration: CLOSED

***If the Fall season is not able to start due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a full refund will be given to all registered players.***

Late Registration: CLOSED (Add $15 per player, non-refundable).  

Wait List Registration: GOING ON NOW  Credit Card info is required but will not be charged until actually being placed on a team.  Open spots are only available as other registered players drop out of the league. Players who register to the wait list may not be placed on a team

Once registered, the next contact will be from the Coach approximately 2 -3 weeks prior to the start of the season
(Fall season-END of Aug/EARLY Sept, Spring-END of Jan/EARLY Feb).

New Players:  Players MUST be 3 by December 31, 2020. Date of Birth must be verified for players new to Frisco Soccer. Provide birth certificate or passport by one of the following:

IMPORTANT Fall Season Dates

Games will begin September 12th.  It will be an 8 game season that may play through the beginning of November.   Most games are scheduled for Saturdays starting from 8am to 8pm but can be during the week as well.  Teams may have some games during the week starting at 6:00pm.  **Weather related rescheduling of games may cause games to be scheduled on a Sunday.

Columbus Day Weekend (10/9-10/12) - Games will be played Saturday, October 10th.

Halloween is on Saturday, October 31st.  Games will be scheduled during the day of Halloween.

Player Fees - FALL 2020

Birth Year/School Grade Fee What's included
2017 PreK - Must be 3 by Dec. 31, 2020 $85 Uniform Kit worn for both Fall & Spring, Dino Ball, 8 Games
2015-2016 PreK $85 Uniform Kit worn for both Fall & Spring, 8 games
Kinder (U7) & 1st (U8) $90 Uniform Kit worn for both Fall & Spring, 8 Games
2nd (U9) - 3rd (U10) $80 8 Game Season (3 Referees)
4th (U11) - 5th (U12) $75 8 Game Season (3 Referees)
6th (U13) - 12th (U19) $90 8 Game Season (3 Referees)

$15 Sibling discount available for child 3 & 4.

If financial assistance is needed, please email the FSA Office at for more information.  Assistance is only available during regular registration.


1.  Jewelry is NOT allowed. For the safety of all players, all items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) are not allowed and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. 

2. Ball - Every player should have their own ball.

  • U4 thru U8 groups - Size 3
    • Dino Ball provided for all U4 players
    • Imagineer Ball provided for all U7 players
  • U9 thru U12 groups - Size 4
  • U13 and over groups - Size 5

3.  Shinguards:   Mandatory and required for all practices and games.

4.  Shoes Gym shoes, tennis shoes, or soccer boots must be worn by all players. All footwear must be of soft toe and have no metal studs (screw-ins) or any other exposed metal. Baseball cleats are not allowed.

5.  Water Bottle:  Players should have a water bottle at all practices and games.  Insulated is best

6.  Uniforms: 

  • U4 thru U8 - Kits are provided for all registered players in the Fall and are to be used again for the following Spring season.
  • U9 thru U18 - Uniforms are chosen by the Coach and will be an ADDED expense for the parents.

Frisco Youth Soccer Quick Playing Rules Fall 2020

Age Group 









Game 4v4 4v4 4v4 7v7 9v9 11v11 11v11 11v11
Min to start 3 3 3 5 7 7 7 7
Game Time 4x10min 4x10min 4x10min 25min halves 30min halves 35min halves 40min halves 45min halves
Field Size 15-25 yds x 25-35 yds 15-25 yds x 25-35 yds 15-25 yds x 25-35 yds 35-45 yds x 55-65 yds 45-55yds x 7-80yds Full size Full size Full size
Goal Size 4x6 4x6 4x6 6.5x12 7x21 8x24 8x24 8x24
Goalie No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ball Size 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5
Max Roster Size 8 8 8 12 16 18 22 22